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Michael has over 35 years of practical home building experience in a high volume production work environment, which includes an extensive back ground, in land acquisitions, operations and development, strategic planning, developing and executing financial models, budgets, marketing, home design, vertical and horizontal construction and purchasing. The Brown family, has built over 25 thousand homes between the two markets of Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Michael has extensive experience in finance and home mortgage operations he founded, MDJ in 1993 and developed, orchestrated and built a mortgage company to service the Brown family building operation. His knowledge and understanding regarding the value and importance of forward commitments, buy downs, and buyer incentives for a production home builder company helped Michael’s vision of creating MDJ mortgage. From 1993 to 2008 MDJ was one of the largest in house mortgage operations in Arizona. During the 14 years MDJ was operating, it funded close to 2 billion in loans in its history and never bought back a single loan.
Michael worked in the family business known as Brown Family Communities for over 27 years. He helped build the family (BROWN), Brand that is still very well known and respected in the industry today. The most notable contribution to the family business was in 1995 when he and his handpicked team started to transform the company that was a family owned and operated business that built about 500 homes a year, into a major competitor in the Arizona market. During this time period he and his team automated the company and performed a top to bottom transformation of the company, including retooling all the product with leading edge home designs and state of the art automation of internal management. While transforming the company the team helped grow the company over 25% a year over year for the preceding 7 years.
In late 1998 the company revenue was just over $80 million dollars. By 2005 the company grew to over half a billion in revenue including the in house mortgage company. This was a direct result of Michael and his team’s efforts and contribution to the company. In 2005 Michael sold his part of the company back to the family and pursued other ventures. After leaving Brown Family Communities, Michael and his team formed a company called Arizona Land Group. As the local market started to change he saw an opportunity to purchase and entitle raw land for commercial developers and later transformed the company into purchasing distressed real estate assets.
Being a true entrepreneur and not allowing a good opportunity to slip through his fingers. Michael founded Western Oil Independent in 2010, this was an oil and gas company located in Central California. After the company signed its first lease the company resurrected 9 old wells into producing oil within 60 days and shortly thereafter drilled three new horizontal wells all of which are good producers. All the wells are successfully producing oil today. In 2014 an opportunity to sell the company presented itself and in Mid 2014 Western Oil Independent was sold to an investor group. In 2017 Michael and his team reunited to re-brand and launch Brown Homes, currently the company has an active building and sales presence in the Arizona market and continue to grow the company.
Michael and his family have been contributing to the community for the past 30 years in various ways, his actions speak for themselves about supporting the community. He has served on the board of March of Dimes , The K Foundation, The MVP Foundation, Homes for Hope, Project Play House, to mention a few. The money that these organizations raise and the impact it has on others is inspirational. As a part of the business community Michael has been a member of the distinguished organization called YPO/WPO for over 18 years which he is still an active member today.


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